Hollywood South


Hollywood South is a Digital and Four-Color Glossy Print Magazine published to cover the culture and the preeminence in Southern Filmmaking at its best, while documenting the complexity, richness, grit and vitality of the infamous Southern culture and livelihood. The South has exquisite stories with characters so real they could step off the pages into your living room. Complete with strengths and flaws, Southern content is usually completely laid bare to the eyes of the reader. They don’t worry over how others will judge them.

Hollywood South will cater to those with an infinite need to know about the latest in big-budget Hollywood films and smaller budget independent films, television, documentary, news, views and reviews and special events production in the South.  Hollywood South will also cover the techniques, technologies, locations, and the cast and crew who make things happen – from pre-production, on-set production to post-production and to the final phase of exhibition. We’ll also highlight film festivals and the newest and greatest films that arise from there.

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