Bottom line, Hollywood is all about money and nothing else. The power and influence and subsequent control still derives from money! As the Bible says, money is not evil but the love of money is the root of all evil. Hollywood loves money so much that it is literally their god and that god is their evil expounder to the effect of money, power, greed, and the “cry me a river” before I care about your feelings of inclusivity mantra. They would sue their children and grandmother and Jesus if they could…for the control of money! They will eat their own…so why would they care about you and your struggle and cry for fairness? They don’t care! We broke down the barriers in sports…black college quarterbacks are all over the Jim Crow stalwart South, they are in the NFL and have won Super Bowls…why are they there…because they WIN! Why are Black coaches in the NBA, NFL and MLB? Because they have won championships and the owners want to have what the owners who hired them accomplish… they WIN! No matter the race or if the powers that be might hate their black skin, they love to WIN more than their feelings of racism when it applies. Jackie Robinson was hated and despised by many of his white teammates and fans, but he was a WINNER! Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and a few others are owners of NBA teams because they have WON and their business partners think they can WIN again! Time to stop complaining and WIN and the moral chips will fall where they need to…in the winning circle across the board! When we WIN BIG, we will have BIGGER roles to greenlight, BIGGER BUDGETS, BIGGER audiences, and BIGGER truths and inner peace along the journey and at the conclusion of it as well.

Fair? Life isn’t fair! Ask Jesus if being crucified was fair! No, but the pain, suffering and sacrifice was necessary for the Grace to pay off the debt that wasn’t even His. So if we want to make it to the “other” side in the real world then we have to get over what is fair and what isn’t and do what the slaves did with a million times less to get us where we’re at today and rise to the level of expectations that GOD gave us for the special talents and gifts that He blessed us to have, if filmmaking is what that gift is. And if it isn’t then try another profession if you are not ready to pay the price to be who you were created to be. There is no other way around it. It is what it is! Go WIN and that will be the greatest story told in this genre for future generations to inherit and increase. This magazine is about positive energy, infinite thinking and plans of action. It’s about empowerment, inspirational images and words-a presentation of imagery that hopefully will inspire with little or plenty-or in spite of it all-make it happen as the Indians plan to do when they make the movies. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. The Bible


Managing Editor

Robb graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in Journalism and Business Administration. Robb also has an MBA from Baylor University. Robb has over 10-years of magazine, book and newspaper production experience. His expertise is overseeing the production of magazine launches and books from concept, manuscript, adaption and seeing it into completion as a high-quality, printed, audio and digital book and magazine


Don is Publisher and Editorial Director of African American Filmmaker Journal. Don has been in the publishing business for over 20-years, including creating and overseeing dozens of magazines, newspapers and book ventures and is the Publisher and Editorial Director for Carlyle Books. Don also has written, directed and produced documentaries and feature films, with the first feature film to be released in late 2019.


Ava is a native of Belize and is based in our New York office. Ava has degrees in Architecture, Fashion Design and Journalism and speaks seven-languages. Ava acts as Editorial Director for African American Filmmaker Journal, American Beauty Queen and Biracial magazines. Ava also writes music and scores documentaries and films.