This Guy Made $360M in Reality TV — Now He Wants Real Money

During the recent reality television boom, small-time producers that were once “the Rodney Dangerfields” of Hollywood sold their companies for hundreds of millions. Now many are looking for second acts, and for ‘Pawn Stars’ creator Brent Montgomery, that involves a high-stakes “VC to TV” business, Jimmy Kimmel and an invite-only L.A. “incubator” (just don’t call it a party house).

Bob Saget has had Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weisscornered for more than an hour. First near the kitchen island, where grilling maestro Adam Perry Lang carves strips of charred short rib forJoel McHale, then outside by one of the seven bars, not far from a cannabis entrepreneur nursing a spliff the size of a hand roll. That’s when Kathy Griffin interrupts. “The gays upstairs want to know!” exclaims the recovering political pariah, demanding the GoT producers reveal which characters survive the upcoming final season.

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